Sports Band Tonning Tube M1

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SKU: LS 3201-a

Material:100% plastic

A sporting article with which you can train your whole body - this is our Smilodox Tonning Tube. Exercises for which you used to go to the gym, you can do with dumbbells you can now comfortably make at home. The resistance that the tube gives is similar to the weight of a dumbbell. The handles are covered with foam and thus offer you a non-slip support. The product is available in the strengths Light, Medium and Strong, so you can adapt the resistance and thus the hardness of your workout to your individual level. No matter what muscles you want to strengthen; Arms, shoulders or legs - the sounding tube is so versatile that you can put in shape with numerous exercises of your whole body.
  • Available in 3 strengths
  • Versatile
  • No more equipment necessary, ideal for your homeworkout
  • Non-slip handles
  • Available in pink and black

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